Feeling SAfe to Transact Online In the Third Age


FAITh aims to combat the digital marginalisation of adults 55+ by enhancing their capacities and building their trust and confidence to use internet and digital technologies to transact online. In doing so, the project will seek to build a robust support network engaging volunteer peers, the family environment, the community, and local market in an effort to facilitate the use, and ultimately adoption, of ICT in the everyday life of older adults.

Target groups and expected impact

Adults 55+

with a low level of digital skills benefiting from improved digital skills and increased confidence and trust in ICT and internet use.

ICT competent older adults

who will be trained as peer mentors having opportunities for increased community engagement and participation, enhanced motivation and leadership skills.

Family members and carers

gaining a better understanding of their role in supporting digital inclusion of older adults in their environment

Community actors and service providers

acquiring deeper insight into the digital inclusion needs of older people and knowledge on how to prevent the digital marginalisation of older generations.

Local market representatives

that will be able to better comprehend the digital needs of the older generations and how to make their products and services more age-friendly.

EU, national, and local stakeholders

having at their disposal an improved evidence base on the level of digital inclusion of older adults across the EU and effective ways to narrow the digital divide.



The two-year project, funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union, will run from January 2021 to January 2023 with the cooperation of 7 partner organisations from Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Italy, and Portugal.