The first thematic session in the framework of the FAITh project was held on June 27, 2022, in Greece, focusing on how to safely perform online transactions. The online webinar offered to more than 40 participants the opportunity to follow a very interesting presentation on security in online banking, ask questions, and discuss how to perform their daily transactions online and safely, saving effort, time and… fear!

The keynote speaker, Mr. Vassilis Panagiotidis, Senior Director of the Hellenic Bankers Association, discussed, among other things, ways of protecting ourselves from fraud, giving examples of real cases of fraud, where main objective is the interception of our personal data, as well as of the username and password of our online banking accounts. That is, as he said, the equivalent of “stealing our house keys in the physical world.”

You can watch the video of the session here [ΕΛ].