Digital Literacy Training Programme for the Elderly, enabling them to transact online

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About Course

During this course, the elderly are going to learn about the importance of online transactions, how to become part of the online world of consuming with safety, while they are going to learn about the safery measures that should be taken in order to foster e-banking and initiate transfer of money. They are going to become familiar with the purchase and home delivery of groceries, while they will increase their interaction with their friends, family membres and other users in order to increase their online transaction experience.

What Will You Learn?

  • By the end of this course the participants will be able to:
  • i) Perform basic online transactions with safety, reducing the risk of fraud
  • ii) Be supported by their families or other users when needed
  • iii) Identify when they may be at risk of online fraud
  • iv) To update their knowledge when the platforms are changing their processes"

Course Content

Module i.1: Making yourself comfortable
This module will provide an overview of how prepare yourself and your devices to experience online transactions experiences.

Module i.2: Online transactions. Pros and Cons.
This module will provide details on the use of online transactions in both the e-shoping and banking / money transfer experience proving the elderly the ability to initiate online transactions

Module i.3: Stay Safe, its easy
This module will ensure safety for the online transactions of the elderly providing an overview of scam types and guidance on how to react when suspecting scam

Module i.4: Creating a common playground
This module will provide the opportunity to family members and friends of the elderly to learn online transactions through doing. They will be able to increase their communication flows increasing the excange of ideas and establishing a common ground for secure transactions that will decrease their expenses

Module i.5.1: Thematic Info Day for Safety and Security
This infoday will increase awareness in possible online scam cases increasing the ability of the audience to react

Module i.5.2: Thematic Info Day for Age-friendly on-line markets
This infoday will increase awareness on the use of online shopping and marketplaces

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