A unique feature of the FAITh project is the Peer-to-peer mentoring methodology employed for supporting adults 55+ in building their digital capacities. In that sense, older adults will act as learning facilitators – or mentors – to other older adults that wish to enhance their digital skills.

The special interactions between mentors and participants are expected to be very beneficial for all parties involved, as peer mentoring can offer greater opportunity for empathy and a sense of equity and expertise. For the mentors, participation in such an intervention can contribute to personal satisfaction, while research has shown that older adults tend to have better learning outcomes when they are guided by peers.

To guide the implementation of the programme, the FAITh partnership developed a Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Programme Guide, available in English, Greek, Italian, and Portuguese on the project website.

The guide was developed for organizations and individuals who wish to apply a learning intervention for older adults based on peer-to-peer mentoring. It provides a guide on mentoring and guidelines to use it as a method to make a learning experience engaging, meaningful and successful. It can be used for the development of digital skills for older adults, based on the project’s learning material, or can be tailored to any other subject of interest and used in various educational contexts.