FAITh aims to enhance the skills and confidence of people aged 55 and above in using the internet and digital technologies to transact online.

To achieve that, the project partners have designed a peer mentoring programme where people 55+ will have the opportunity to enhance their skills with the support of peer volunteers who are already familiar with digital technologies and will take on the role of ‘mentors’.

On Friday 24 and Tuesday 28 June, the first two induction seminars between the trainers and trainees participating in FAITh took place in Athens, officially marking the launch of the Pilot Programme in Greece. More than 30 trainers and trainees met in person for the first time, having the opportunity to learn more about each other and about FAITh!

A series of face-to-face and online seminars, informational events and workshops, as well as group meetings will follow in the coming months.